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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal authorization of another to act on your behalf. A power of attorney may be general or limited to a specific type of action. This expires at the grantors death, incapacity or revocation. Powers of attorney are created for several reasons and the type of power of attorney you need depends upon your situation.

A durable power of attorney includes all of the powers of the standard power of attorney but continues to be effective beyond the incapacity of the grantor and continues until the grantor's death.

A healthcare power of attorney empowers another person to make healthcare decisions for the you. These decisions include the powers to consent, refuse to consent, withdraw consent or terminate a procedure as well as the power to make healthcare decisions up to and including the ending of life support.

Finally, if your primary concern is to have decisions made on your behalf but do not want to authorize that power while you are able to make them yourself a springing power of attorney may be appropriate. A springing power of attorney only grants the legal authorization to act on your behalf only upon the specified event of your incapacity.

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